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White Christians and Jews argued in segregation's favor: that "Negros" were subhuman and it was this group's responsibility to rule the Negros. Southern Christianity at that time endorsed Jim Crow and the injustice it was.Members of the Ku Klux Klan were usually prominent men in their local churches..could this be?How can we be sure that religious movements are just and loving?Has our religious society learned from the slavery/Jim Crow mistakes (atrocities)?My favorite attribute of MLKJr was his belief in empowerment.He did not try to carry this revolt of oppression on his own shoulders. Today I am working as an election judge and we have an hour and a half before we go to our next polling place...The previous book I read was a 500 page detailed history of the civil rights movement (1954-1968) focusing on MLKJr and his role.



MLKJr was a preacher in a long line of preachers (his Dad, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather) and was deeply religious.

I never knew so much about MLKJr and I am sorry for this.



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