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If you ask banker friends, they tend to exagerate their working hours (this is what we call the "superhero factor") to show how tough they are.And if you want to ask HR or recruiters at banking events, well..probably not a good idea to ask if you want to get the job anyway. Here is the unbiased answer from Ask Ivy How many hours do analysts work per week, on average?Its difficult to generalise as it depends on various situations (further explained below), but in Europe expect a minimum of 70 hours per week during slow times and up to 100 hours per week at busy times.Investment bankers usually start quite late (because they finish late), at around 9.30am or even 10am.You will have very quiet days or even weeks where you just spend your time browsing the internet and having coffees with friends.

At peak times, it is not uncommon for analysts to finish past 4pm for several days or weeks in a row.One of the key question students and future bankers ask themselves is "how bad are the hours in investment banking"?It is quite often difficult to get a real answer to this question.So when you are working on urgent deals, you need to work throughout the night to finish the model as fast as possible, and only when you are done can somebody review and check it.


Simply put - most of the investment banking tasks just can't be split.- You will then be asked to build a model based on the assumptions within a specific time frame (two to four hours) While many people can be good at interviews through extensive practice, you can't fake a modelling test.


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