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Best, Martin and Juan I dont understand why Doug would say no.

If you just broaden the question to buying crypto from a US based company with US Dollars and limit it to US based exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and in some states but growing, Robinhood, then yes.

In fact, if properly designed, a crypto-platform is capable of running virtually ICON for instance is being used by financial services companies, universities, even hospitals. All with their ICX token, used as the glue that ties everyone and everything together. Ditto for cryptocurrencies like NEO, Ark, EOS, Cardano and many others.

Each has its own laws and regulations, its own service providers, its own community, its own citizens. It’s about time that the critics wake up to what’s really happening in the crypto world: Instead of thinking about these platforms as mere payment networks, say that the cryptocurrency has no backing, no intrinsic value, no anchor to the real world? Actually, all the examples above are real projects being deployed today on the Ethereum blockchain.

In other words, they are built on the Ethereum platform. Well, it means that And let’s say thousands of similar projects start running on top of the same crypto-platform.

It could be commodities, services, companies, governments, you name it. No, not everyone in any particular country on the planet is required to use ICX. What matters is that everyone who wants to live and operate inside the ICON economy WILL likely be required to use ICX in some shape or form.

I’ve learned a lot from my youth to now about investing, averaging in (averaging out of something you truly believe in vs dumping out when you get excited at your return).

The largest driver of belief in crypto currency is ironically Governments and their continued fleecing of populations by printing more money.


You can use Ethereum to raise money with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

I’ve done very well but it IS extremely difficult to watch it go up parabolic amounts overnight and not sell huge chunks of what you have invested (I sold large portions at 00, 00, final 10% at 500).



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