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Former New York Rangers bully Sean Avery has been hit with a restraining order by his mother-in-law, Marianne Rhoda, who has accused him of harassment.According to Page Six, the restraining order, filed in Suffolk County Family Court, began last December and will expire later this month.Avery ultimately agreed to a deal that expunged the charges from his record after 45 days.Sean Christopher Avery (born April 10, 1980) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.


He would later work at Commonwealth Utilities, a men's fashion label, and even served as a model for Hickey Freeman in a shoot that appeared in Vanity Fair.

He was promoted to senior staffer, but the firm closed without notice in September 2013, reportedly due to financial problems, later filing for bankruptcy, and owing Avery 9,167.



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    Separation pay is the amount due to the employee where the cessation of employment is due to causes authorized by law (or for any of the other causes stated above).

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