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Yik Yakker: Thanks for the tip on Katy Perry, she's cute but I'll stick with the 6 inch action figure format although there have been 'interesting' 12 inch dolls over the years.On the desensitization/disappointment issue, we're all in the endless search for the 'perfect' depiction of whatever it is we're desiring at that moment. Spenny, about two roommates who are always holding contests -- which are often quite disgusting -- to see who can last the longest at a particular challenge.


On the scale of Violence against Women scale, western media depictions are at the bottom. Violence against men doesn't rate a mention because we're only getting what we evil creatures deserve... or maybe it's a conspiracy by them to take over the marketplace.Jhlipton wrote: "I decided to take a break because snuff was taking over my fantasies." What the hell is a matter with you man. First of two mainstream mini reviews: Mainstream mini review The Cottage is an English film about a couple of inept kidnapper brothers.


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