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She told Daily Mail she did not suspect Perry had an addiction He said: I couldn’t just walk into a bar. You can’t."'The actor claimed he had managed to turn his life around and was helping others after turning his old beachfront mansion in Malibu, California into a sober living home so men can transition back to the real world.

Everybody in the bar would go, "You, you can’t do that. Explaining his rationale, he said: 'If you're thrown from treatment to the outside world, sometimes its too bumpy.'But in 2015 Perry sold the facility's luxe Malibu property for .65 million with reports suggesting he had abandoned his passion project.

She says she first met Perry in 2013 through a mutual friend.'He had asked one of my friends about me and wanted know if she could set us up,' she recalls.'I was like of course, he's super hot, why not.

And I went over to his house and ended up having a very nice evening, he's a very normal, very cool guy.'I was really nervous because I'm a huge fan of his and I was taken back by how normal and chill he is, he's your average guy and we ended up really hitting it off.'We watched a movie in his screen room and ended up having sex.'Maddy says she didn't suspect Perry was taking drugs while at the star's Hollywood Hills home.

The adult film actress said Perry messaged her on Instagram and asked Maddy if she wanted to go for dinner and he gave her his number.

The actor later canceled on their date and asked for pills instead 'I just wanted to let him know, it's not like I have a closet full of drugs for when anyone hits me up.'Maddy, who lives in Hollywood, is a high profile porn actress who has appeared in over 250 adults films and featured on the cover of Penthouse magazine.

He later said: 'That was a Malibu beach house and it was too expensive to run and the business didn't really work.'In June, the Phoenix House, a California-based treatment center, presented Perry with the 2015 Phoenix Rising Award, although the actor modestly laughed off the honor.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter talking about his 30-year addiction he said: 'I'm an award-winning alcoholic,' adding, 'Getting sober is a really hard thing to do.'Perry has had more reason to be glum this year.

In 2013, the year he hooked up with Maddy, Perry opened his heart publicly about the depth of his addiction despair at the height of his Friends fame.

She added: 'We've not spoken since and I'm a little worried, but I don't know him well enough to be able to do anything about it.'Knowing that he's had a problem in the past, that he mentioned he was going through detox and then he's asking me for pills, I'm afraid that he has relapsed and his health could be in serious danger.'Perry's battle with drug addiction has been well documented.

In 1997 the actor completed a 28-day program for Vicodin addiction, later telling Larry King that he took the painkiller 'mostly just to not drink as much as I was.'In 2001 he entered a rehab to recover from his use of Vicodin, methadone, amphetamines, and alcohol.

In April his CBS sitcom The Odd Couple was cancelled after three seasons.

And the actor learned the hard way about the cancellation 'My face on the Odd Couple stage door has been painted over with green paint,' he shared on Twitter on April 10.'I think it's safe to assume that we have been cancelled.A porn star has revealed she fears recovering drug addict Matthew Perry has relapsed after the actor pleaded with her to get him '40/50' prescription pills.


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