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Please and thank you 🙂 You’re into projects, side projects and helping make people’s brainstorms a reality.

Your dream partner will be someone who will help you build your empire, as soon as you get that grant money or investor. You’ll find this person at Startup Weekend where you’ll collaborate on designing an app and fall in love over late night business plans.

On the surface, Portland seems like the perfect place to meet people.


The place and circumstances in which you meet the new BF/GF actually set the stage for how you pass the time during your relationship.

Also check out AIGA events, Maine Media Workshops, Write Club or Bakery Photographic Collective events.

I’m going to start to sound redundant talking about crossing gender lines. For all you tall, dark, handsome types: Try something that isn’t typically masculine.

If you’re interested in meeting women, take a metalsmithing class or pottery class at Portland Pottery.

That’s where 20 of my closest (and stunningly beautiful, talented and single) women friends and I will be every Tuesday night. The men who go to the pottery studio get laid, well and often.

And for some people it’s the most important quality in a life partner (and you thought this blog post was going to be shallow).


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    Enjoy your Creative Show Minutes and tip your Models!

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    Abusive behaviors that could lead to the social isolation of a victim of abuse (some of which were already listed under the larger Emotional Abuse category above) include: Physical Abuse (also called physical aggression or abuse; intimate partner violence or abuse; conjugal, domestic, spousal, or dating or courtship violence or abuse). Walker and Meloy (1998) have suggested that, with regard to intimate romantic relationships, stalking is an "extreme form of typical behavior between a couple [that has escalated to the point of] monitoring, surveillance, and overpossessiveness, and [that] induces fear" (p. Results from the National Violence Against Women Survey (Tjaden & Thoennes, 1998) indicate that many women who are stalked by intimate partners (36%) are stalked by their partners both during and after their relationships end.

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    We would describe it as mostly legit, but the site's reputation is compromised due to a number of negative reports.

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    It doesn't mean they look only abroad, but in their homeland as well.

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    Keep these in mind and she'll not only find you fascinating, she'll grow in attraction to you every time you speak.

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    I wondered how men with such delicate bodies seemed to be the only ones who could endure the storm. We bought crop tops, tight jeans, and earrings so big that they touched our shoulders.

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