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I feel that is the angels message to me that maybe something positive is going to happen in the near future, and that they are there supporting me. Reply Hi Melanie, I was wondering if 222 could be the angels’ way of answering a question.

I have been wondering and recently asking the angels about doing something specific.

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I have been seeing 222 in increasing frequency, always seem to appear when I am in the room where the display is reading it – clock, thermometer & smart meter.

And while it's a full length look that sweeps the floor, it retains a super sexy edge with its plunging neckline and racy cut outs at the shoulders and rib cage.

And the good news for those who fancy recreating Iggy's style in the real world is that there are plenty of dresses, both mini and maxi that will give you her look for less. Head to AQ/AQ for a very deep V neck or how about Three Floor's cut out maxi at Asos?


Even though it has been years, I’m intrigued and still learning. In your or any other site, doesn’t mention the 55 and up people who are no longer in toxic relationships. Not everyone is in a relationship, but are still looking for love, regardless the age or gender. Over and over since I lost my 14 year old daughter 10 years ago… Not really any of the rest of numb Reply I was born on 22 September and all my life felt the number 22 following me around.

To give you an idea of what to avoid doing, here are a few mistakes most of us are guilty of on Bumble.


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