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The Story: After getting hundreds of e-mails from you guys asking us to find and post this sex tape, we had no choice but to oblige.

This tape is back from 2001 and likely features the chick with rifle-shooting Olympic champion Attila Solti.

Download (50 megs) Eva Longoria - Fake The Story: The story is that this tape is almost certainly a fake and not actually Eva Longoria but we had to post it because so many people were telling us that there was an Eva sex tape out there, meaning this one.

Download (4 megs) Eryka The Gymnast The Story: Maybe she is not a celebrity but the story is still funny.

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She claims that this sex tape was released without her knowledge and that she did not know her partner was video-taping her. :-)Download (14 megs) Noelia Monge - Puerto Rican Pop Star The Story: This short sex tape features a Puerto Rican pop star named Noelia.Online Dating USA - Online Dating UK - Dating Russian Woman - Free Girls Pics - Russian Brides Personals & Online Dating - Free Pictures - Women and Men - Live Chat - USA Brides Agency - Online Dating Services! Some people are even speculating that this is why The White Stripes cancelled their tour a few weeks ago. Download (12 megs) Csisztu Zsuzsa The Story: We will not even try to pronounce her name but she is a former Hungarian gymnast turned TV personality. No one knows for sure if this tape is real but the spokesperson for the White Stripes is definitely denying it.She made it with her boyfriend at the time and after they broke up he released it.

She then offered a public apology to her family and fans for ever being so dirty. Download (12 megs) Virginie Gervais - French FHM Model The Story: This French chick won the FHM "Hottest Neighbor" contest in Franch and then took her prize money and made this hardcore sex tape in an attempt to launch her career. Download (50 megs) Jenna Jameson - Audition Tape / First Porn Movie The Story: Jenna Jameson needs no introduction.She is probably the most famous pornstar of all time. Download (12 megs) Online Dating Guide - PDFThe 7 Day Dating Guide - PDFHow To Flirt With Women Fun With Online Dating Truthful Profiles are Most Successful Foreign Love Do Online Personality Tests Help?


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