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The price isn't going to be for everyone but for a set of cans you can use for both gaming and not be ashamed of on the commute, there's nothing better.This list can get expensive so it's always good to play with a set of headphones under the £100/0 mark that are both comfortable and great sound.The joy of these headphones is that you can head out and use them wirelessly with Bluetooth on your smartphone for 14 hours before heading inside, plugging into your controller and filling your head with brilliant gunfire and music.Even if you don't go for the Boom Mic, there's a mic on the cans themselves but you won't get quite the same experience.Regardless of whether you go for the add-ons or not, the headset is a brilliant overall package that's clearly been crafted with long term gaming in mind.Prepare to hear sounds you didn't even know were there.

Plus, despite the fact that you're never going to see them, both cans light up with Razer's 16.8 million Chroma colours. Some gaming kit can look far too over the top, but the Logitech range bucks that trend in favour of sleek, modern, and, more importantly, adult aesthetics.They're intended for e Sports players trying to drown out the noise of an audience, but away from all that they're just as good for immersion against a backdrop of home hubbub.



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