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I'd like to give a full update getting rid of P4's and focus on E6750 basically and L5320 among E5450/ X5450, X5460...

I extracted the Dell and it came out with a bunch of Bin's some 2KB some 509KB and I don't know which one should be used for updating or pulling the Microcode..?

pli=1 Run a virus check on these files, that this files don't have a virus or trojans if you should have doubts. "microdecode\microdecode.exe", "cbrom195.exe" and "microcode.dat" are in Drive "E:\Downloads" E: cd Downloads mkdir cpu_microcodes Extract now the files from into the new directory "cpu_microcodes" microdecode\cpu_microcodes Now there should be microcode files (.bin) in cpu_microcodes directory You must probably add those three microcodes files from to your 938F1P04. cpu0001067a_plat000000a0_ver00000a0b_date20100928cpu0001067a_plat00000011_ver00000a0b_date20100928cpu0001067a_plat00000044_ver00000a0b_date20100928Follow these steps here = I hope.

There is nothing in the link that suggests anything about updating the microcode. I already ran across this utility, and am having some issues with it.

Read the wiki article for more detailed information.

Hardware manufacturers stores the CPU microcode data in the BIOS or UEFI firmware, so the CPU could update microcode form the BIOS/UEFI.

Hi guys, I need help for adding microcode to my cpu, do you guys have the tools, never done it, but if you guys can do it then that would be awesome.

I have a FOXCONN G41MX-F with phoenix bios, the processor I have its the Intel Xeon L5420, its 50w, so its below 65w, but when I turn the computer the message says "Please input a 65w or lower processor" is displayed, then computer turns off, I've been reading and people say you have to write a microcode into it.

Microcode is not just CPU specific, most hardware like Graphics cards, Disk drives, Network cards also contains microcode.



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