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She laughed and tickled under my arms and I involuntarily tuned over to stop her and my rock hard cock sprang out and up.

Too late I thought and fell back onto my back on the towel.

As I arrived it was about 10am so there weren’t too many people around.

Finding a good spot, I lay my towel down, lay on it (shy at first I suppose) and stripped right off.

We chatted like this for maybe 30 minutes and then she suddenly suggested that I be careful or my cock would get burnt with the hot, intense, sun.

She told me to roll onto my stomach and she would be willing to rub lotion on my back.


The couple were about late-30s (actually mid 40s as I found out later); she was quite statuesque and athletic whilst he was balding with a bit too much stomach but not fat. She was quite nicely busty and with a smooth, shaved pussy whilst his cock looked a decent size even when soft.I dozed and woke to notice H (the man) was missing.


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