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Orr made his presence known to fans and the league office alike after delivering a hit to the face of Alex Ovechkin during a 2006 game, earning Orr a five-game suspension.

Orr was dealt from the New York Rangers to the Toronto Maple Leafs, where in 2009 he tangled with George Parros and suffered a concussion.

In the modern NHL, these players have slowly but surely been phased out, replaced by more skilled tough guys who can actually play the game of hockey as well as throw it down in times of need.

These ten fighters are the most intimidating bunch going in the NHL today.

At 6-foot-8, add a few inches for the skate blades, and this giant on the ice is not only a formidable force in the corner boards, but head to head when the proverbial fight bell rings.

Besides his sheer size, Chara is known for his slap shot, which has shattered records during the NHL’s annual skills competition during the All-Star weekend.

They’ve battled widespread injuries, controversy and more general obstacles — all of which have caused the team to slowly fade away from the overarching narrative of the mainstream hockey world.

There’s a unique sense of anti-fandom about them — that is, a very specific kind of notoriety which finds its roots in overexposure. For over a decade, the hockey world has watched as the two aforementioned figures — both faces of Anaheim’s franchise — battle challenges and challengers with a degree of intensity that’s extremely difficult to match.


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