My speed dating experience


Eventually, the floor filled up with singles, the lads were stood with each other whilst at the other side, the women stood. I already liked the look of one woman but I told myself not to get to carried away there was 14 woman to meet.The women took their seats then the host rang the bell, I sat down at the allocated table and started chatting.We had a good chat and I found out she was there with 2 friends, the next lady I would be visiting. Well, the next lady would distract me for the rest of the night, Sophie.We had by far the most interesting conversation of the night. After that, there were 2 sisters that were nice but seemed distracted.Talking about strange foods, she even said I was brave for coming alone. The worst date of the night was a girl who started the conversation with saying she worked in accounts.


The email never came, it actually made me angry but I had received an email from the event previously maybe it had bugged out. There were too many dates for me so I slimmed it down to 3 picks. I didn’t pick any for friends as I didn’t want to deal with those awkward emails. Note: I have never had a full on committed relationship with someone.I went back upstairs to the speed dating floor and had a quick chat with the host.I summoned up casually chit chat but he gave me some good advice.They were very complimentary about me as a date and hinted that I was the best date of the night.


I checked if they were staying out for drinks, essentially a hint to Sophie, my best date but she said needed an early night.When the day came, I had the normal reaction of, “I’m not going”, but I forced myself to get off my ass and got myself looking sharp.


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    But here he was, less than 24 hours later, asking my roommate, “What’s your friend’s story? When he called that night, I didn’t recognize the number, so I was hesitant to pick up, but I was glad I did. Trying to pinpoint where it had all gone wrong, I picked over every word we’d exchanged, from the moment we met until his quick kiss on the cheek and hug when we parted, which was maybe his way of saying goodbye forever. Be there in 5.”So I wrote him a quick note saying I was doing well and asking how he was. By now, his reputation was so established among my friends that they referred to him derisively as “the Texter,” never using his real name.“How’s the Texter? “Nimble-thumbed, I guess.”Several of them, indignant on my behalf, offered to text him back and tell him he needed to fish or cut bait.

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