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Three captives appear to be women, two are executed naked. After your traditional narco interrogation whereas the captors request the captives to state their name, their affiliation with a cartel and what their position was, each of the five is beheaded, dismembered and dissolved.

The woman allowed to wear clothes is chopped in the back of her neck with a huge axe.


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I think she could be glad for that cause that single blow likely killed her rather quickly.

Man next to her with a t-shirt over his head is stabbed to the side of the neck and dropped.

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    The agency's chief, Budi, said major ferry crossing points have been advised to prepare for a surge in passengers and vehicles.

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    The implants were tested in animals and Ho’s team noticed a significant reduction in T cell activation, meaning the vaginal tract demonstrated an immune quiescent state.

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    Now completely blind, the monster feels the backs of the animals as they leave to graze; the cyclops is unaware that his captives are escaping silently, hiding under his flock.

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    Later she discovers it to be a demon who is capable of stalking and killing people in their dreams. Andy goes on a stakeout with an FBI agent who is hunting a vicious beast.

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