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Armed with the knowledge of how divided the country is at the moment, the fraught political climate, environmental issues, and public opinion of this particular kind of a powerful, wealthy family, the younger remake aims to tackle as many current sociopolitical issues as possible within the narrative.Just as with the original '80s series, the rebooted (premiering Wednesday, Oct. on The CW) follows ruthless oil magnate Blake Carrington (Grant Show) as he impulsively marries his employee Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley), much to the shock and horror of his ambitious daughter Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) — who thought she was going to inherit the COO position of her father's company instead of his new bride — and environmental crusading son Steven (James Mackay) — whose status as an out and proud gay man brings no shortage of tension between him and his father.She argues that that's what makes so compelling, as it offers a glimpse into the lives most people would never have access to."There's a ton of real-life issues going on in our show," she promises."With everything going on in this political climate, [my character has] been compared to Ivanka [Trump], which I'm like ugh, but I understand." Rafael de la Fuente — who is playing the gender-swapped Sammy Joe Flores, Cristal's nephew and Steven's love interest — loves how ], we're bringing in an audience to then bring subject matters to the table that we need to talk about and discuss like immigration and geopolitics," he says.She is a latina actress who is known for her portrayal as Neela in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and as Dani Alvarez in Body of Proof.She has played vampire princess in the video clip "Luna Llena" from Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Baby Rasta & Gringo and has appeared in Bruno Mars video song "Just the Way You Are".


Though the two are together from a long time they haven't raised any child yet.To know her better we can follow her on Twitter @natkelley.


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