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He performed several tests — and said one showed proof of a brain injury that could only have appeared if Flo had been alive on the cement a very long time.



When the police dismiss her story, she sets out with her dog, Pretzel, to find the killer while also managing her colorful dating life and the job she hates at Breaking Blind- the guide dog school owned by her overprotective parents… Also, it comes from Ben Stiller as an executice producer and one of the hottest indie director out there right now Michael Showalter: other positive signs going for it. That’s when they thought of a series involving a guide-dog program. We don’t meet so many characters like her, especially on The CW. I don’t know her, she gratuated from acting school just two years ago but she sounds like the new CW discovery everybody will be raving about, like Gina Rodriguez & Rachel Bloom before. Of course, it opens up the possiblity of a love story between Murphy and Dean. Can’t say it’s dealt with subtlety but at least there’s dignity and a substantive issue behind the fun entertainment that this pilot is. Enough to shake a little bit the detective genre’s tired formula? It originated from the network and its social good program, CW Good, which last year began partnering with the Guide Dogs of America organization to sponsor litters of puppies to be trained as guide dogs. Or in other terms: she’s a cold alcoholic bitch bitter than liquor. It doesn’t mean it will be easy but she promises to try, for herself and for those around her. I’m very curious to see Perry Mattfield’s performance. And the bond between the three of them, even though it’s damaged at the time, is quite strong and emotional. All the people around her love her so much that it’s heart-warming to witness. Oh and for those wondering, the dog is not that important in the pilot, but it adds a little flavour to it and it certainly doesn’t hurt at all. He’s called Dean and he has a daughter who happens to be blind too. It’s phony, it’s true, but somehow they make it work. The mystery helps sending a message about racism, showing the police doesn’t care about black victims, especially when they come from a poor neighborhood.When Mark came back and didn’t see her, he assumed she was at the neighbors and went to bed. Harrison told jurors police botched the investigation, starting when resort owner Maggie Duncan called 911. The dispatcher passed it along to the officer sent to the scene.

Harrison said the officers got caught up looking into suicide and missed the real evidence pointing to an accident. Her best friends didn’t know about the affair, you know, so what, she’s going to all of a sudden tell me. Mark Unger insists he didn’t learn about the affair until months after Flo’s death, during pre-trial hearings. Pendergast: To have a wonderful mother just cut down in the prime of her life. To support their new lifestyle, Mark left his dream job in radio to work as a mortgage broker. They chatted briefly with a man who took a small boat across the lake... She planned to make her case around a marriage in trouble and something about Flo that made it very unlikely for her to have stayed out on that boat deck alone. Donna Pendergast: Well, in this case it was pretty clear—that this woman was not just scared, but terrified of the dark.



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