Non sedating antihistamine clarinex

Do you think increasing the dosage of Neurontin may help him? Should he start taking it throughout the day maybe?

Or do you think it is time to go back to the doctor to try ANOTHER medication?

He would almost be in tears and would talk of wanting to kill himself (not serious, but you probably know what I mean). He slept so soundly and wasn't sleepy the next day etc.

Well he finally went to the doctor and they prescribed Sinemet and told him to continue taking the calcium/magnesium. Well, after about 9 months or so, he started getting symptoms of RLS during the day while he was just sitting there trying to watch TV or whatever.

Here is a list of the items I bought at the drugstore: I don't know which one helped me so much but I saw my doctor today and he said that all these were fine (but to take ketoprofen with food).

He thinks that probably the iron is doing the trick and to stay on it (I had been on iron at his recommendation before and it didn't seem to help that much- and my blood work doesn't show anemia).

My family doctor was no help when I went for treatment for insomnia/ nighttime agitation complaints early 2003, although at the time I didn't know my symptoms were RLS (and neither did my family doctor, neither one of us were very familiar with RLS).

One of the reasons I avoided seeking treatment for so many years is I thought the symptoms made me sound nutty and I was embarrassed.


The Mirapex really helped my RLS although insomnia was still a significant problem.I even put a bar of soap at the food of my bed under my sheet ;) which is a folk remedy.  My doctor was never big on prescribing opiates even though they seemed to be the only thing that worked, so I felt hopeless.


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