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A network of canals, salt marshes, and lakes now supplement these channels.

Lower Egypt is the area north of the 30th parallel of latitude, which passes through Cairo and Suez. The highest point in the country, Jebel Katrinah (Mount St.

Preface Last Updated: 5/11/2004 AM Egypt is Misr in Arabic.

It occupies the northeastern corner of Africa, and is connected to Asia by the Sinai Peninsula.

Two cm (about ) is the usual annual total in Cairo.

From November to April, temperatures range in Cairo from 40 to 65F, and during the hot period, May to October, from 70 to 110F.



The modern part of Cairo was built by a descendant of Mohamed Ali, in the 19th century.Most of the country is part of the band of desert stretching from the Atlantic Coast of Africa to the Middle East.Geological changes have produced four distinct physical regions: the Nile River's Valley and Delta, where 95% of the population lives: the Western Desert, with two-thirds of the country's total land area in barren limestone plateaus and depressions; the Eastern Desert, scored by gullies in rugged hills; and the Sinai Peninsula, geographically a barren part of the Asian Continent, separating slowly from Africa.It consists of 1,002,000 square kilometers of land.

There are three land borders: Israel, Libya, and the Sudan, as well as four water barriers: the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea.

This great metropolis is the meeting place of Africa, the Arab world, Europe and Asia.


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