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The teacher and leader of the "Roughnecks" in the novel are combined into one role played by Ironside.

Test audience reactions led to several minor changes before the film was released.

Fellow student Isabelle "Dizzy" Flores is in love with Rico.When similarities, especially the "bugs", were pointed out between this and the novel Starship Troopers, plans were made to license the rights to the book and tweak character names and circumstances to match.Verhoeven had never read the book, and attempted to read it for the film, but it made him "bored and depressed", so he read only a few chapters: Two nude scenes were kept in the original version (the co-ed shower and a bedroom romp between Rico and Dizzy), although these were modified in the broadcast version.After recovering, he, Ace and Dizzy are reassigned to the "Roughnecks", an elite unit commanded by Lt. He quickly gains the respect of his peers and is promoted to the rank of corporal after taking out a tanker bug.

His relationship with Dizzy continues to grow, and they have sex during their night on Tango Urilla.

Carl mentally scans the Bug and reveals it is afraid, to the cheers of the troops.


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