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My next post will cover how to retrieve the value of the primary key such as an ID column after the row has been inserted into the database.

Parse Exact(sch Date, "dd/MM/yyyy", null); string Date String = date.

I am using object Data Source in server side, and when I fire up "On Item Updating="Details View1_Item Updating"", what code should I write in On Item Updating so that I can grab the values typed by the user and pass these values for the update. The page structure is like this: Skin="Office2007" Auto Generate Columns="False" Allow Sorting="True" Allow Multi Row Selection="False" Allow Paging="True" Page Size="5" Grid Lines="None" Show Group Panel="true" On Item Created="Rad Grid1_Item Created" On Item Command="Rad Grid1_Item Command" event of the control.

Hence you should be able to access it directly through the first argument (sender) inside the respective server event handler.

Trim(); Date Time date = new Date Time(); date = Date Time. Parse Exact(sch Datee, "MM/dd/yyyy", null); string Date String = date. Its like if i am changing the date of the row during update,the details are getting updated.

date", Date String); Text Box txtdate= (Text Box)lstvw Inquiry Log Details. Parse Exact(sch Datee, "dd/MM/yyyy", null); // date = Date Time. if the date is 28/02/2018(listview)(edited the date from 2/28/2018 to 28/02/2018),it is updating the details of the row.


In this article, we shall learn how to perform CRUD (Create Read Update & Delete) operation in List View.So far, I have been messing with the on Item Updating and on Item Deleting events but I can't seem to get the values from the item properly. I used the code from Imar's book to create a guid and store the file in the project on the server.I need to get the the id of the item and the filename from the control so I can update the new filename in the database and I would like to get the old filename so I can delete it off the server. S - I know this is a lot to ask, but would it also be possible that when they press the edit button that the file upload control will already have the original file loaded into into it? Find Control("txtdate"); string sch Datee = txtdate. Trim(); Date Time date = new Date Time(); date = Date Time. date", Date String); i am getting the issue while updating the the date is 2/28/2018(listview)(not edited the date), it is not getting updated the details.

List View control is the new and improved control introduced from ASP.

Next, I have written code to open a database connection and executed insert query after setting the value of the required parameter.



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