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Translate Travelling to a country in which you don’t speak the language?

Well rise above the language barrier with Google Translate, a free app that translates between 90 languages so that you never find yourself lost in translation.

Well download Tuk Tuk Drift, an authentic Cairo-based game that allows you to weave through traffic like a true Egyptian even if you are stuck in it.

Looking to help solve this troubling issue is a new app developed by Vodafone, which aims to eradicate the country's soaring illiteracy rate, allowing illiterate adults to learn to read and write in their own time, and in conjunction with their daily commitments.

At the same time it conveniently displays cinema times in all theatres and will also tell you if that new Vin Diesel film is worth the aneurysm. El Menus Hungry but can’t or don’t feel like cooking, then download Elmenus a convenient app that lists all the restaurants in your area, as well as allows you to peruse their menus and order through the app to help satisfy your cravings.

Tazkarty Looking for a ticket to the must attend event of the year? The on-the-go booking app for the best restaurants, clubs and bars in Egypt, also puts nationwide reservations for big events at your fingertips. Tuk Tuk Drift Stuck in traffic and looking to kill some time?

Before making that reservation download this app and find out how much you save.

We assume the reasons online prices are cheaper is because of the endless travel providers online competing to offer the absolute cheapest price.Changing with the times Bey2ollak have expanded beyond traffic and will inform its users of location where bombs have been discovered or have detonated, giving you not only the opportunity to skip the traffic, but also to remain all in one piece.


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