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For example, if you always eat the same amount of cereal every morning, you could enter the calories and other facts corresponding to a typical bowl of cereal and then use 1 bowl as your base quantity.Another example would be using a base quantity of 1 cookie (rather than a serving size of 3 cookies) so that when you enter the Qty into the food log you can just enter the number of cookies that you ate.Customize this spreadsheet to create a daily food log and track the things that are most important to you.The new XLSX version (for Excel 2007 or later) allows you to enter more details in the Exercise/Activity section, such as the amount of time or the distance that you ran or walked or the weight-lifting exercises you did.At work, I usually drink from a fountain, and by doing a little experiment I found that 1 "swallow" is about 3/4 fluid oz, so about 10-11 swallows would be 8 oz.That will vary of course with the type of fountain and how thirsty you are and how much water you can hold in your mouth, but it's not a bad approximation. id=18495) recommends a total water intake of 91 oz for men and 125 oz for women, but 80% of that comes from food.You can enter common foods that you eat into the Foods worksheet, and these foods will show up in the dropdown list in the food log.


We've added a feature that helps you calculate your total daily calorie/fat/carbs intake.The image to the right shows an example of how to complete the log.The Nutrition Facts on most store-bought food gives the serving size, calories, fat content, etc.Disclaimer: The worksheet and information on this page is for educational purposes only. You should seek the advice of qualified professionals regarding medical/fitness/health decisions.

You’ve got a presentation due in a few days and you really want to impress the boss.

Use our free printable food log to track what you eat and drink throughout the day along with your fitness activities, weight, blood sugar level and blood pressure.


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