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Chinese social networking sites and instant messaging programs are wildly popular.

Young Chinese office workers chat online with friends throughout the work day.

Internet cafes in small towns are packed with youngsters playing games.

Ni, the Chinese military affairs expert, said in the past soldiers had been allowed to visit Internet cafes in plainclothes and some had become addicted to the pastime.

The regulations do not apply to civilians serving in military research and training academies.

It’s also not known how authorities in China plan to enforce the restrictions.

But military experts said restraints are necessary to avoid compromising security for a Chinese military that prizes secrecy.

“Some soldiers leaked military secrets when chatting online, for instance, giving away troop locations. This is a tricky issue because it straddles both personal and professional space,” said Ho Shu Huang, an associate research fellow at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.


“(The policy) is regressive in its understanding of technology, regressive in generational attitudes and regressive in transparency and attitudes we have of leading powers in the 21st century,” said Peter Singer, director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution.— Online: Dating site for Chinese troops: Paramilitary soldier’s blog: re)0(underscore)1Text of regulation: nderscore)5Adm.“Would you consider this cheating if I were playing this game?The Chinese Internet prohibitions are a brief part of lengthy internal affairs regulations issued by the Communist Party’s Central Military Affairs Commission.

“Seeking marriage partners, jobs or making friends through the public media is not permitted.

BEIJING – What will the lonely hearts of the People’s Liberation Army do now?


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