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A New folk are more than welcome, the regulars make a point of including new folk to make them comfortable so that they want to return.

That way the meet keeps going as folks pair off and make their own social life outside Po F. So all you need to do now is click on the "Sign up to this party" button below and you are sorted.

But i am addicted to gthese meets now and each one is better then the last and ha you never know i might just get my new fella out for the night too (will try anyway).

Will keep you posted on wether i will be there or not.

A few FAQ's: Q This sounds really good, can I come too?

So what I would like you all to do is message all your favs to let them know that you will be in Boons on the 5th October (shame it's not 5th November isn't it) and spread the word.


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