Overeager dating

Catch you soon.’ These indirect messages an hour before remind her of the date in case she lost track of time.

If there’s no reply, or if I want to be more direct, I’ll say: ‘How are you doing for time?

[Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and keep them interested] #3 Not checking in on her.

I won’t ask her questions like ‘how you doing this morning?

Literally sweeping new Bachelorette Becca Kufrin off her feet and helping her climb onto a horse, Blake made a stellar first impression with both Becca and Bachelor Nation.

Going to such extremes for such a brief appearance screams of frontrunner potential, and it's safe to say that Blake is worth watching this season.

[Read: 18 things a girl does that makes a guy think she’s an easy lay] Of course, I am a guy, but once she thinks she’s figured out that single one intention she might ignore my other dimensions, or have second thoughts about meeting up.

There's always that one guy who goes the extra mile in something.

On the recent "After the Final Rose" special, that standout guy was Blake Horstmann, aka the one who brought in the horse.

I don't know much about the NFL or team rivalries, but if Blake ends up engaged to Becca, he could definitely knock down some of Uncle Gary's walls by talking about football with him. "Depending on how he handles other men's criticism (if any), Blake could receive either a glowing or a sketchy edit.

Being the final man to arrive on "After the Final Rose," Blake could end up becoming the guy who other men theorize about on Night One. There's obviously a reason why he was selected to be one of the first men introduced to viewers, and I'm intrigued by what Blake could bring to the table this season.I want her thinking about me during the week and about meeting this busy, fun, mysterious guy.



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