Padma lakshmi is dating

Padma Lakshmi is currently single, but has dated quite a charming list of wealthy and worthy men over the past few years.However, her love life has been deeply impacted by her troubling married life with Booker Prize-winner Salman Rushdie.Padma Lakshmi was essentially an Indian-born model living in America and had reportedly met award-winning author Salman Rushdie, also an Indian-born, in 1999.After five years of dating, the couple got married in 2004.On her endometriosis I went through this for 23 years.I got my period when I was 13, and I didn’t get a proper diagnosis until I was 36.In 2014, Padma Lakshmi had confirmed dating Richard Gere, but yet again, that ended within months as well.


That same year, she started dating another billionaire, Teddy Forstmann, the CEO and Chairman of IMG.This relationship ended within two years and Padma moved on to the next charming millionaire.


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