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This has been as much an issue as human rights and democracy when resistance is made to Turkey joining the European Union.

Later he does define “Western Christianity” comprising Catholicism and Protestantism as “the single most important characteristic of Western civilization” defining itself against Byzantine Orthodoxy as much as against Islam.

Therefore the very identity of Europe is not grounded in Christianity but the long lost pagan past which produced the first great civilisation on the continent.

Does anyone regard the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and other great philosophers as backward?

Julian the Apostate attempted to restore the traditional pagan tolerance as practiced by the emperors before him but it was too latebecause the monotheistic mind set had spread too deep.

The decrees of Emperor Theodosius from 389 to 391 that the iron grip of religious totalitarianism really took root.

Here he revealed his true identity, and made Europa the first queen of Crete .Once in power the angry male demiurge known as ‘God’ revealed his true power as Christianity brooked no rivals.


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