Page numbers in word 2016 not updating

The lines all look like int/void/string App* and I need to edit them all to say "int App*".

You can use styles to quickly apply a set of formatting choices consistently throughout your document.

You can also select formatted text in your document to create a new style in the Styles gallery.

The styles covered in this article are located in the Styles gallery, a visual menu located on the Home tab.


The appendix has the headers: "Appendix X: Some sort of title" - where X is a numbered item. I have a MS Word 2007 document with some fairly lengthy comment balloons and have adjusted the preferred width of the balloons to 4" (after consulting this question). I am working in an API reference document, and I need to edit a large number of lines in 1 shot.Faithe Wempen delivers step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting advice, and insider tips to help you improve your written image in business, academic, organizational, and personal settings.


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