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"We strongly suspect this is because newborns and toddlers are more easily found homes than older children. "I know of social workers making up stories about innocent mothers simply to ensure their babies are put up for adoption."Suitable babies are even being earmarked when they are still in the womb.Critics - including family solicitors, MPs and midwives as well as the wronged families - report cases where young children are selected, even before birth, by social workers in order to win the bonuses.More chillingly, parents have been told by social workers they must lose their children because, at some time in the future, they abuse them.Time and again, the mothers say they are innocent of any wrongdoing.Of course, there are people who are not fit to be parents and it is the duty of any responsible State to protect their children.Created: 31 January 2008 For a mother, there can be no greater horror than having a baby snatched away by the State at birth.

And many have found themselves sent to prison for breaching court orders by talking about their case. Or are the financial bonuses offered to councils fuelling the astonishing rise in forced adoptions?

Yet this secrecy threatens the centuries-old tradition of Britain's legal system - the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

From the moment a mother is first accused of being incapable as a parent - a decision nearly always made by a social worker or doctor - the system is pitted against her.

"One baby was forcibly removed in the maternity ward by social workers before the mother had even finished the birth process and produced the placenta." Her words may be emotive. Six months ago, I wrote an article about a young couple - who must remain anonymous because of family court law - fighting for the return of their three-year-old daughter.


She was taken within weeks of birth and is about to be adopted.

What's more, the obsessive secrecy of the system means that the public only occasionally gets an inkling of the human tragedy now unfolding across the country.


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