Parker mckenna posey and corde dating

Parker Mc Kenna Posey aka Kady Kyle from My Wife and Kids recently announced that she was single.

She was spotted with Chris Sails from the Chris and Queen You Tube channel and people thought they were dating.

She did a cameo in the short documentary ‘Lucky Girl: Behind the Scenes’ in 2016.

She has also appeared in the pilot of the upcoming TV series ‘Snowfall’ in the role of Melody Wright.

Kady was Michael (Damon Wayans) and Janet’s (Tisha Campbell-Martin) daughter.


Scroll to the Snapcodes for Parker Mc Kenna Posey and Chris Sails’ Snapchat names!Due to her hard work and dedication in this field, she was honored at the Provincetown International Film Festival with the Excellence in Acting Award.Thirty seven year old Posey hasn’t revealed much about her personal life. There is no rumor about her dating, affair and boyfriend. Posey made her first theatrical film appearance in 2007 adventure drama Alice Upside Down as Elizabeth.

Parker guest appeared as Latanya in crime drama NYPD Blue in 2001.

A Mighty Wind is the film where gorgeous Posey sang a song.


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