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He is the longest-serving Doctor in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip.In the wake of the positive reaction to the revived television series in 2005, several of the Eighth Doctor's Big Finish audio dramas were also broadcast on BBC7 radio in an edited form.The BBC's official website calls the Eighth Doctor an "effortlessly charming, romantic figure". While transporting the remains of his longtime nemesis the Master to Gallifrey, the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester Mc Coy) is caught in the crossfire of a gang shoot-out in 1999 San Francisco's Chinatown, USA.The site states that he is both unguarded about his own background and candid about the future of those he meets, noting the irony in an "open Doctor" remaining such a closed book. He is taken to a hospital where surgeons, confused by his double heartbeat, attempt to correct a non-existent fibrillation.The Eighth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. The character was introduced in the 1996 TV film Doctor Who, a back-door pilot produced in an unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the series following its 1989 cancellation.While the Eighth Doctor initially had only one on-screen appearance, his adventures were portrayed extensively in subsequent spin-off media, including more than 70 audio dramas starring Mc Gann.Paul Mc Gann has continued to portray the Eighth Doctor in the various audio spinoffs.The canonicity of the spin-off media with respect to the television series and to each other is open to interpretation (the "Beginner's Guide to Doctor Who" on the BBC's classic Doctor Who website suggests this may be due to the Time War).


In the continued adventures of the character depicted in audio dramas, novels and comic books he travels alongside numerous other companions, including self-styled "Edwardian Adventuress" Charley, the alien Destrii and present-day humans Lucie and Sam.

The Big Finish Productions website describes the Eighth Doctor as "an enthusiastic figure who explores the universe for the sheer love of it", always surviving on the strength of his excellent improvisational skills rather than preparing elaborate plans. These efforts instead "kill" the Doctor, and he is taken to a morgue where after several hours—due to the effect of anaesthetic on his alien biology—he finally regenerates into his eighth incarnation (Mc Gann).


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