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Another tool out there provides a better view, but — like Canon — ignores legislation Ryan helped author but didn’t solely sponsor.For a statement that is accurate but needs clarification, our rating is Mostly True.Measuring impact based only on the bills a lawmaker solely sponsors also introduces issues, Victor said.Early cosponsors can be heavily involved in the bill’s content and committee chairs, while they don’t necessarily write more bills, often serve as facilitators."Some legislators may be very active in a policy area, but rarely see enactment," she wrote in an email."Think of someone who introduces many bills, perhaps symbolically, and they all die in committee or get voted down on the floor." While this legislator hasn’t changed the law, he or she might have generated attention for a topic.Policy bills, for example, increase a lawmaker’s score more than commemorative bills.But it only looks at solely sponsored bills, which does not necessarily give the full picture of a lawmaker’s impact.


But after she abandoned an interior design course in 2010, the couple agreed to divorce. In the US he won three consecutive Pac-12 Championships (1998, 19).

"There are different kinds of conservatives." While Trump appeals to emotions, Ryan tends to be cast as the GOP’s policy wonk. "(Ryan) has actually proposed three — total, three — bills that have become law in his entire career dating back to 1999," David Canon was quoted as saying.

But in a July 9, 2016 New York Times article, the chairman of the University of Wisconsin’s political science department suggested Ryan’s reputation may be overblown. "Paul Ryan is not a detail kind of legislator in terms of putting bills together to pass, and he never has been.

By this tool, Ryan comes off as more effective, though his effectiveness is below the benchmark expectation for all but one two-year period since 1999.

The expectation is calculated based on his party, tenure and specific committee and subcommittee positions he has held.After a disappointing second season he won the ANZ Championship and the Benson and Hedges International Open in 2003, and came sixth on the Order of Merit.


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