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Sir Tom’s wife Linda died last year of cancer, and, according to British newspaper The Sun, he has struck up a romantic relationship with his old friend Priscilla in the intervening months.quotes a source as saying: “Tom and Priscilla are courting.Forget Jay and Beyoncé, Kim and Kanye, or Taylor and Tom/Calvin/Harry.The newest reported celebrity couple on the block are true rock ’n’ roll royalty—the Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones, 76, and Priscilla Presley, the 71-year-old former wife of Elvis.As for Jones, while he was married for 59 years, he was said to be unfaithful and reportedly even claimed to sleep with hundreds of women a year.However, during his first public appearance since losing his lifetime partner, the "Delilah" icon got teary eyed.Following new photos of the two stars arriving to dinner together in West Hollywood in January, the rumor mill has begun churning out claims of a potential romance brewing, particularly after Jones' wife of nearly 60 years, teenage sweetheart Melinda Trenchard, passed away in April from cancer.While Presley and Jones emerged out of the same Rolls Royce to dine at Craig's, his rep denies it was anything but a friendly dinner.

Part of that was because he lost his wife, that was the love of his life.The pair, who have been friends for years, were spotted pulling up to Hollywood restaurant, Craig’s, in a white Rolls Royce last month.And now the 76-year-old Welsh crooner apparently Can’t Stop Loving her.The Queen of the Kardashian empire owes a great deal of her success to The King.


In his new book 'The Kardashians: An American Drama,' New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer reveals that Kris Jenner almost did not make it down the aisle with Robert Kardashian, who was in love with another woman.It was kind of friends getting together to support him." Tom has previously chatted about his relationship with Priscilla, telling the : "Priscilla is a friend of mine. But it’s not true that we’re dating or in a relationship. But good friends." READ: Tom Jones reveals late wife Linda would have been 'thrilled' with his return on The Voice "When she passed it was so sudden, in April, she found out she had lung cancer and it was too late, it was terminal, and it was very, very quick," he said.


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