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It's a big building, seriously.25th April 2016 Black Sky now has its own TV Tropes page! I'm guessing that anybody wanting to add to it is free to do so, so if that's your kind of thing then go for it! I really like reading reviews in between doing this, as it reminds me of all the lovely people out there who want to read my stuff.

I also have more fanart: shugocharachan over on deviantart has done pictures of Ramiel and Rasiel -Twin Princes(Black Sky fanart)- and of their little sister Suriel. But every now and then you get a rude Guest reviewer whose unnecessary bile makes me wonder why I bother at all.

I've fiddled some of the dates -like making Lucretia Black 10 years younger- but the relationships and connections are all the same.4th January 2017 There's now a diagram in my deviantart gallery with the names and nicknames of all of Dorea's official Guardians, for reference purposes.

Quite a few reviewers have been requesting a cheat sheet for a while now, so now there is one!

It's by callmenoone and it's of Xanxus and Xanna's presentation bias art project. The picture is called Bolt from the Blue - Bias and it's on deviantart.15th March 2018 Bolt from the Blue now has a TVTropes page! Also, I have more glorious fanart from callmenoone on deviantart! Besides, it served the wizard right for not heeding the rumors about Bilbo and the Old Forest. Ses Kag The ninja way has not always been a nice one. Naruto was raised by forest spirits, but he's still mostly human, and that's what drives him to save a wounded jounin he finds in the forest. "Photokinetic," Orochimaru repeats, eyes narrowing faintly at the White Fang. Be polite, because the man did save him, and Jiraiya will be insufferable if he makes his hero-rescuer cry (again).

Thank you so much to the wonderful people who create and maintain those! There's Inked for Bolt from the Blue and hang on and Sabina for Black Sky and all three are completely lovely. 17th April 2018 There's now a Bolt from the Blue family tree on my deviantart as well, showing the Vongola family line from Giotto and Ricardo's parents all the way to Xanxus. Throwing caution to the wind always has consequences. By chance Naruto has met those who know the old ways. Harry Due to an assignment Hary learns he has more family alive than he thinks. It's one moment of kindness that might just right the world. And in true Captain America fashion, he refuses to hide and decides to take the fight to Hydra (because who else would capture him? Between the Academy and his old/new friends, he should have plenty of back-up in the fight against Hydra, now SHIELD. To his surprise, however, it's not offense overtaking the hero's face, but glee. Those stupid two-legs had brought her and her young with them to this place so far away from their home.

Then 101-104 of Black Sky, 5 of Parenting, 105-106 of Black Sky, 6 of Parenting.



Over on deviantiart, callmenoone has done a truly hilarious picture of Squalo getting woken up by Lektor's patronus, as happens in chapter 239 of . )30th January 2018 Story Arc Guide for Black Sky: Chapters 1-41, Hogwarts Arc Chapters 42-44, Wedding Interlude Chapters 45-115, Quest Arc (Includes Parenting is not a Varia Quality, which can be read in order according to the details in the 4th September 2017 post above)Chapters 116-181, Domestic Arc Chapters 182-215, Xanxus at Work Arc Chapters 216-283, Vongola Politics Arc Chapters 284- Consequences Arc8th February 2018 I got my first 'Bolt from the Blue' fanart! That rune carved into his door learned it personally. But Reborn is unsettled; their competence borders on eerie, and he has yet to hear Tsuna speak a word. But what better could his older, colder, Taiyoukai brother be? But when his son is found nearly dead,the 3rd Hokage is forced to take crucial decisions,which includes making a peculiar request from the unusual Kakashi. Kurama manages to free himself, and when he escapes he takes a child with him.31st March 2018Just got an email from Goodreads saying they've taken my stories down. Also, shugocharachan on deviantart has done an Choices have consequences. Unfortunately, Naruto doesn't learn this until he is hurled 25 years backwards in time. Now our hero is trained in the old school of the ninja. (Discontinued with summary Ending)OC Self Insert The story of Inoue Shiori, the civilian reincarnation that made her life in the Naruto World without directly interfering with the timeline and the ripples that she caused. How will they react to suddenly being asked to care for him? Steve doesn't pause when he sees the bizarre changes to Times Square. She wasn't pleased with them but would go along with it for now.


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