Rachael taylor dating history


She appeared in episode 8 in 5th season “Old Flames”.

She is best known for her roles Sasha Forbes in TV series headland and as Jane Van Veen in 666 Park Avenue.

It is because Rachel Taylor has her ring of invisibility on her ring finger. Rachel now is an engaged woman and is pretty much out of every guy’s league.

Let’s find out who she was dating so secretly that it did not even make it to the media.

Her fans are very lucky as she has mentioned about her diet plan for a day.

Caption: Rachel Taylor with Mike Mike Piscitelli's toe in her mouth.The gorgeous lady was blessed to Nigel Taylor (father) and Christine Taylor (mother). Super sexy Taylor has slim built and she stands tall with great height 5 feet 7 inch or 172cm. Moving on towards her personal life biography and dating history.Her first boyfriend or crush was with Jason Trawick and she dated him only for couple of month.Born on July 11, 1984 Rachael May Taylor former model and beautiful actress.


She was born and raised in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.In 2007 she appeared as Maggie Madsen in the film Transformer.



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