Radar love dating dating at kid nation

Another unsavoury hitch is location-based advertising, with companies allowing corporations to track the movements of their young clients - "a very desirable demographic" - and then target them.

"Advertising is a big reason these things are of interest to corporations, for you to be near something and be told, 'Hey!



"If you ever sign up for e Harmony, you're going to spend a Sunday afternoon at least filling out hundreds of questions, and the computer analyzes you and matches you up with someone you'll hopefully live happily with for the rest of your life.

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Delectable synth-pops from the legendary, enigmatic Space Lady of San Francisco!


'Major Tom / Radar Love' sits very pretty in the consummate Night School catalogue alongside releases from Group Rhoda, Molly Nilsson, Julia Holter et al; all artists who owe some debt of gratitude to The Space Lady's pioneering performances of popular songs on a Casio keyboard.

As they inch toward you, you follow their progress," he said.



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