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Smith Center, or the Dean Dome, as the arena where the team plays is casually called. In the endless debate about the area’s best barbecue joint, the longtime favorite may be Allen & Son, but a new aptly named contender deserves consideration.

The museum has interactive exhibits replaying great moments in the program’s illustrious history and a fascinating collection of Tar Heel memorabilia, including Coach Smith’s typewritten notes suggesting areas for improvement to a player named Michael Jordan, then an undergraduate.6. Despite an unassuming shopping-plaza location, the Pig serves exemplary hickory-smoked, whole-hog barbecue made with local pasture-raised pork and vinegar-based, eastern-Carolina-style sauce. Less than a mile of sidewalk separates downtown Carrboro from the heart of Chapel Hill, which means a shopping excursion in both towns is pleasant on foot.

The central location is next to two nationally recognized music venues: the Arts Center and Cat’s Cradle with its new Back Room stage.

We are a local media company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

So when you have a question about produce from Brinkley Farms, ask the Brinkleys.

Or if you’re not sure what to do with the lacto-fermented vegetable preserves at Two Chicks Farm, talk to the twosome, Audrey Lin and Debbie Donnald.

But in 2013, the neighborhood’s One Restaurant recruited Daniel Ryan and Kim Floresca — two chefs with résumés studded with stints at Per Se, the French Laundry and, most recently, the Restaurant at Meadowood — to reinvent the kitchen. State liquor laws require bars that don’t serve food to function as private clubs.

The restaurant’s aggressively contemporary décor can be wearisome, so focus on the masterly food, which recently included ember butter spread on pretzel rolls, tender monkfish wrapped in chicken skin atop creamed grits and roasted kohlrabi, and sculptural fermented-chocolate and popped-sorghum desserts. Strictness on this point varies, but don’t be surprised if a nominal membership fee (usually ) is charged at the door.



Or check out nearby Bowbarr, which is more hipster dive than coed hangout.

A cross-section of Carrboro parades through this sprawling coffee shop, which doubles as a study lounge and living room decorated with Internet memes in needlepoint and a “wreath” constructed from sneakers.11. The North Carolina Botanical Garden (free) is a popular location for weddings, but the peaceful grounds are worth visiting even without an occasion to celebrate.



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