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My application is from the retrieving data from database and when we click the Edit button in the grid the datas are shown in the AJAX popup box to update the data.

its working good when update button clicks its update the data.i placed the required field validator control for every textbox though the textbox is Empty also its updating the data to database.

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Required field validator property There is no problem with your posted code.

May be , for your ' Update Button" , there is a chance that you haven't set Validation Group properly.

Most likely you'll want dynamic but it depends on your design.

None is good if you want to handle the display of the error message on your own and are only using the validator to verify the field was entered. Dynamic is good if you don't want blank space when there isn't an error message.

Static is good if your design calls for either blank space or an error message. What I mean is when you click the Submit, if it is doing a postback and hitting your btn Submit_Click handler or even Page_Load? It's been a while since I've used required field validators.


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