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Learn how dating works today Ronnie Ann Ryan is The Dating Coach for Women Over 40 who has helped thousands of successful midlife gals attract the magic of love since 2002.

You meet a great guy, have a fabulous first date, then you never hear from him again.

While he’s waiting to meet you, he can meet a bunch of other women, right? Exercise another day, do your errands later, meet for just a 90-minute drink if that’s what you’ve got.

Do what you can to make time in your schedule for dating.

Love is out there, Ronnie assures all her clients, and it’s never too late to go after it.

Ronnie Ann Ryan woke up on her 40th birthday feeling panic-stricken.

staff - (WTNH)-- The Dating Coach for Women Ronnie Ann Ryan from It's Never Too Late for Love talks about dating after divorce.

Don't believe the right man is out there In the video, she gives us details on these 5 key tips to find love again:1.


Just know you may be setting the bar so high the vast majority of men will never meet your approval.Or you meet men who are so off from your ideal that you wonder if you will ever find true love.For me, it took dating 30 men in just 15 months to connect with the man I married.As a solution, she came up with a personal program to find love by being a proactive and receptive dater.

With this attitude adjustment, things started to change for her.

Once you know you aren’t a match, move on to find the love you deserve.


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