Roxanne diaz dating

Turns out she was a manager in one of the banks in San Jose. American women are not as expressive of their faith as Costa Rican women — they are very religious. If you remember to do all these, then you might find yourself dating a Costa Rican woman — and I’ll give you a pat on the back!

They follow Christian moral values and implement them in their daily responsibilities.

There are some who do leave their homes to study college — but this is very rare.


Rocsi Diaz is a popular woman who is beautiful and who was born in Honduras in the area called Tegucigalpa.I’m not an expert on Costa Rican women, but one thing I’m sure of is this: they are not like American women. You will rarely see them wearing revealing clothing and heavy makeup.


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    She cried a few times about it because she felt like she was violating a sacred oath, but still asked me to do it occasionally when we were fooling around.

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