Rules dating bodybuilder dating systems before christ

There used to be a video of apparently an Italian bodybuilder on Youtube like in 2007 or 2008. The video was pretty much in the style of a promo video with some suggestive shots.

He was posing and at the end of his routine he removed his posing suit and covered his penis with his hands and then left the stage. The thing is that bodybuilders had to flex and pose and people had to approach them and leave money in their posing suits just people do to strippers.

R96, I don't know if he has a semi, but to me it looks like he's wearing a cockring, which would explain why his dick and balls seem to be pushed up to the front.

This is something that I suspect some bodybuilders do while posing on stage, at least those whose junk appear to be featured quite prominently. R99I'm not familiar with cock rings, but it is not the first time I have heard people suggest this explanation when bodybuilders look too prominent down there. And also, coming from an islamic land as is Egypt how could he even have access to sex toys?

I thought it was probably a strip show, like at Jimmy Z's, but my friend confirmed it was a sanctioned competition. There were pictures on the 'net soon afterward, but I cannot track any down now. Some questioned the size of posing suits and therefore why not nude, some wanted to show complete definition of their muscles, some did not want children to be exposed to nude men (and visa versa), some felt it would bring disrepute to the sport.

There was a serious conversation about nude bodybuilding contests on the bodybuilding messageboards. If anyone does have those Joey Centauri nude shots, I'd love to see them.

Bodybuilders may be exhibitionists, but not all of them want to go as far as complete nudity for an audience. I don't think they specifically seek the gaze from gay men; they love attention and adoration period.


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There is one about being jailed and stuff like that if I recall well... It would be more distracting taking note of the small size of the posing suit than looking at a naked body.


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