Rural romeos dating

If you do decide, or do already live in an isolated rural area you should learn how to use a weapon, even if it is bear spray.

You should also get acquainted with families nearest you as rural folks often look out for each other and check on each other.

Personally I have ordinary looks, and even as an older female I have experienced the uncomfortableness of inappropriate, what I'd call vulgar vocals from random men in my life.

It is quite unnerving and I don't think someone who has not experienced it can understand how vulnerable it can make you feel.

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When I asked him to take his friends and leave (remember I'm alone) he said he would leave if I gave him twenty dollars. Oh, let me tell you about my neighbor who said I needed a "church family" who brought me food and let me cry on their shoulder. When I imagine living as a single woman in a rural area, I feel very unsafe thinking that ANYONE would know I live alone, due to how isolated my property would be.

They went so far as to move me to a new location and then offered in my time of need to take property that I owned off my hands for less than half of what it's worth. Is it a feasible idea to mention to everyone - neighbors, repairmen, anyone else I hire to work on the house, etc that I live with my brother, who often travels?

Never tell anyone you live alone (I'm sure you're already doing that). If not consider getting one from a reputable breeder.

Call be paranoid or anything you want, but you can't call me a victim. They look bigger because of the dense downy feather layer that insulates and muffles the sound of their wings. An owl in a truly wild area would not consider a cat prey..risky. Still quite surreal for one like myself who never saw an owl spread wings like that!


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