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Herman Weisberg, a retired NYPD detective now working for the Sage Intelligence Group, was approached by Ford after the horrified woman learned that her mother's suspected killer was living not far from her in Brooklyn.'A Good Samaritan who knew the daughter of the murdered Russian woman got in touch with me and told me the story,' Weisberg told Daily 'She offered to pay whatever cost for me to track her down and bring her to justice.'Ford 'was living in fear of this woman, had already moved once and was heartbroken over the loss of her mother,' said Weisberg.Ford was horrified to learn that the suspect in the murder, Viktoria Nasyrova, had fled Russia and was living within miles of her in Brooklyn after the 2014 crime The private detective noticed the stitching on the car seat the photo on the left, and incredibly was able to trace the make and model from the stitching pattern - a Chrysler 300 (pictured right).He then had a surveillance team search the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood for the vehicle, and found it A wily private detective in New York played a key role in bringing the fugitive Russian beauty to justice.


Murder victim Alla Alekseenko (right) is seen with her daughter Nadezda Ford.

But when the horrified daughter of her alleged murder victim learned that the wanted Russian beauty was living just miles away from her in Brooklyn, Nasyrova's upscale tastes and Facebook habit would come back to haunt her.

The victim's daughter, Nadezda Ford, said she got a text message purporting to be from her missing mother shortly her mother's disappearance, saying 'Sweetie, don’t worry about me, I’ll notify you about where I am soon enough.'But the message came after traffic camera footage appeared to show her mother dead in Nasyrova's passenger seat on the day she disappeared, October 5, 2014.

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M&T setti nýlega upp þrjár veðurstöðvar í Esjunni sem eru aðgengilegar almenningi.Weisberg's discovery paid off - they'd located the mysterious fugitive.


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