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I agree that you can only make a first impression truly and regardless of how hard a person may try a lot of people don't shake that first encounter if it was less than stellar (or at least pleasing).

I kind of play to just get lost sometimes when I am having a bad day. I really enjoy companionship and doing anything to make my partner happy. You may remember me from such classic r4r posts as "So a few months ago, I unknowingly went out on a date with a methhead" and...that's about it. Unfortunately, still haven't found someone that I click with and between having taking breaks from dating due to work/life shenanigans and just being too jaded to try, its been a while, but here I am! I know that physical chemistry in person is key and that needs to be established before things can progress any further but I'm also looking for emotional and intellectual chemistry. I'm not actively searching for a relationship or my soulmate, but neither am I looking for something platonic.I am Pakistani / Indian (yes, those two counties hate each other but I am the peace baby) and have lived in Virginia for my 31 years (but was born in DC) and currently live in Rosslyn, VA (but work in DC).


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    He should possess a personality that matches or complements with yours.

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