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Homeless generally ignore passersby, but pickpockets in very crowded streets are common, just like annoying vendors. There is one particular area to be aware during the day, the so-called "Crackland", the area delimited by R. During the night and Sundays, there is still some life in certain parts, like the bars/clubbing area between Largo do Arouche and Praça da República, but many streets become desolate, containing no people other than homeless and drug addicts.

Needless to say, the "Crackland" should be completely avoided during the night unless you are in some trustworthy guided tour.

uma pessoa carinhosa, educada, simpática que me der amor - im como eu irei retribuir São luís, Maranhãosou uma pessoa legal e carinhosa :* :*sou.

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During the day (except on Sundays), the Old Town is considerably safe. With so many skyscrapers, the Old Town may look a densely populated area, when in fact, it is not.

You will see many homeless in the streets, but there will be ostensive presence of police, and most streets will be quite crowded. Many buildings have only a handful of people living there or are even completely empty.

Safety in the Downtown region has largely improved in recent years. It is okay to walk in the commercial, crowded streets (like Rua Sta.

However, the "Old Town" (the area composed by the Sé and República districts, plus the adjacent Luz neighborhood in Bom Retiro/Santo Cecília), precisely the area where most historical sights are contained, is still problematic in terms of safety. Efigênia), but the empty and run-down streets should be avoided as they are home to drug addicts.

Take note of the odd fact that Paulista Station is on Rua da Consolação, while Consolação Station is on Avenida Paulista.A list of performances being carried in the city can be found in various websites, including: [63], [64], [65].


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