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Managing the client in the collection is a continuous task and for a healthy environment the client should be continuously reporting to the SMS\SCCM server.

There are various reasons why a client may not be able to report to even if the SMS\SCCM agent is installed on a machine.

There is a Maintenance task that will clear the inactive records but if the discovery process runs again and the AD container still has these entries then they will simply show up again.

Resolution: For the stale records you need to make sure that the AD container is cleared of these stale records and scavenging is done for the computers container in AD regularly.

However, after letting it run for several hours, I've come back to the installation eventually completing more often than not.

One of the odd things I've noticed is once I manually uninstall the program via "Programs and Features" and run policy updates, my Software Center still show the program under my "Installed Software" tab.



If yes then first restart the system and then initiate the discovery cycle from the control panel agent properties action TAB.

Note The best and most reliable way to monitor client deployment is with the Configuration Manager console (as described in this article).

The Client Status section of the Monitoring workspace in the console provides client deployment status accurately and in real time.

When a computer name and advertisement ID are specified that do not result in any data returned (the advertisement is not assigned to or known by the computer), the published data will only contain the Computer Name and Connection properties.


Sometimes the most challenging part of the Configuration Manager 2007/SMS 2003 deployment phase can be ensuring that the client successfully reports to the site server.Stale Entries: When you use AD discovery, the DDRs are created for the computers that reside in the AD container that we have requested to be queried by the discovery process.


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