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Taurus is all about things that make us comfortable, so luxury items and the beauty industry are part of this, as is real estate and farming including farm animals.This sign is also a money sign because it is ruled by Venus and its home is the 2nd house of the zodiac chart one side of the cosmic financial axis and speaking specifically to our fluid resources and cash flow.Uranus is not overly happy being in the sign of Taurus and is considered to be debilitated here.Taurus is a rather slow to react sign and doesn't operate as quickly as Uranus does making the energy uncomfortable in a sign that is all about creature comforts.Because the north node is inviting you very publicly to be front and center. But it isn't so much of an invitation as a summons. There could be no bigger astrological cliche' than to have this and have a secret love. Maybe they are pregnant and want to tell your wife. If you have to sell a home, you might be able to make a lot of money on it if you have lived there for a long time and your neighborhood has other houses that have maintained their value. This may not leave you as much time as you would like to be at home.You may be offered a job that requires you to travel or maybe you will get to work from home.Also it will retro back into Aries and I give those dates there.Uranus is an immediate energy and those dates may be significant for you personally as well as nationally.] This month is bringing we earthlings a major energy shift mid-month with Uranus the cosmic families rebellious genius moving from the aggressive sign of Aries into the more stolid and beauty infatuated Taurus.

This isn't necessarily an easy alliance but it will be enlightening and exciting for you and the two of you can inspire one another to accomplish things you might not have contemplated without one another in your lives.This is an excellent placement for getting the word out about something, especially those things that you do that personify you.


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