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When we look back at Ireland at this time (around 1150ad), we often think of it as the “twilight years” for the Gaelic Dynasties.A few years after this, Diarmait was deposed as King and played a pivotal part in triggering the invasion of the Anglo Normans in 1169.The Kingdom of Desmumu (South Munster) came about in 1118 with the further rise to power of the Dal g Cais tribe of north Munster.Munster was divided into Tuadmumu – ruled by the O’Briens, and Desmumu – ruled by the Mac Carthy Mors (one of a number of Mac Carthy tribes).During his time – he annexed the kingdom of Mide and asserted control over Dublin – even then becoming the political capital of the Island.

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Over time, the Cenél Eóghain gained prominence and they expanded into what are modern counties Derry and Tyrone.

By the time of Turlough, the leading family of the Cenél Eóghain, were the Mac Lochlainn (Mc Loughlin) – but they dominated the Northern Ui Neill alongside the the O’Donnells and O’Doherty’s of the Cenél Conaill.

Other leading family names were: Mc Cluskey, Kearney, Mac Namee, Mac Gee, Mac Guigan, (O) Breslin, (O) Bradley, (O) Carolan, (O) Cannon, (O) Kane, (O) Colgan, (O) Crean, (O) Quinn , (O) Donnelly, (O) Farren, (O) Ferry, (O) Flanagan , (O) Gormley, (O) Gallagher, (O) Hamill, (O) Hegarty, (O)Hoban, Hunt, (O) Lunney , (O) Mellan, (O) Murphy, (O) Neill, (O) Peyton, (O) Scully, (O) Muldorey, (O) Boyle, (Mac) Ward, (Mac) Kelvy, Mac Gonigle, Mac Cusker, (Mac) Daid, (Mac) Caffrey, (Mac) Garvey, Mac Bride, (Mac) Cole, Coyle, Mac Ilhoyle, Gilmartin, Mac Loughlin, Mac Grath, Mac Rory, Mac Sweeny, (O) Boyle, Begley, (O) Corr, Coonee, (O) Doohan, (O) Duffy, (O) Friel, (O) Laverty, (O) Hagan, (O) Harkin, (O) Mulligan, (O) and Muldory.


Ulaid (from which modern Ulster gets its name – and occupying modern counties Antrim and Down).He was the first man west of the River Shannon to have the title of High King of Ireland.


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