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The following is an exercise for me in selecting what to leave out of a piece of prose that has a voluminous amount of background material. What the The Sun newspaper got away with, aided and abetted by corrupt officials is a matter of particularly despicable record.So why then was The Sun still sold in the city centre in numerous outlets?The common trick was to have the pile turned face down but it was still sold openly.I used to walk up Bold Street towards the bombed out church and pick up all the newspapers before sending out prompts to football interns in a former existence. So why then were Sky football matches broadcast illegally from dodgy digital boxes in pubs – even city centre pubs – when if the contempt for Murdoch was legitimate there were always other channels available? This isn’t written from the perspective of some imbecilic cockney who’s only experiences of Liverpool have been from watching football matches and Harry Enfield sketches.I had the misfortune to spend 2 years living in a pretty decent spot in Wallasey, popping occasionally into both the down at heel Birkenhead and the rather more refined Heswell as well as frequenting Liverpool itself at least twice week.


Up there, there is an endemic ‘pity me – and what can get out of being pitied’ culture that one can only believe existed well before Hillsborough occurred.Two flares land on roof of @Man City coach and continue to burn.Bus later had at least one window smashed and is unusable for the return journey Tg VBujc3w — Carl Markham (@carlmarkham) April 4, 2018 Merseyside Police are conducting enquiries to identify those responsible for throwing objects at the bus, while Liverpool have condemned the attack and vowed to support City in establishing the facts of what occurred.There is so much broken and awful with the world, if you really do need to cling onto misery there’s so much death and debris about you really have to compete in order to make any Top 10. Does anyone reading this know what date that ‘anniversary’ is commemorated? Last night, a sizeable number of Liverpool fans took time out form playing the Grief Junkie Card to attack and effectively destroy the Manchester City team coach.

Just within the confines of football 56 died and 265 were injured in the Bradford City fire of 1985. Who reading this was aware it was on May 11th of ’85? This video footage os from a press Association journalist.

“The beer here is from local brewery, the Bristol Beer Factory”, they explain.


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